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Image Simon Lichtenberg's Golden rules

Opening his own production plants and supplying furniture to companies in and out of the country, simon lichtenberg (Découvrir la page de Simon lichtenberg) has succeeded in earning up to 2.5 million dollars profit a year. China is a part of the world that seems to ensure success in whatever endeavour that is attempted. Because of this, many entrepreneurs enjoy establishing their own organisation(s) there. Attractive household furniture was made available in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg through his franchise, BoConcept, in 1993.

Simon Lichtenberg - Educational Background

Simon Lichtenberg went to Danish Tvind schools before relocating to Africa in his teenage years. When examining leading business people, it becomes clear that a respectable strength of character and education are requirements for their success. Considered a leader in the world of business, Simon Lichtenberg has also led by example through his academic pursuits with which he has achieved great things.

Simon Lichtenberg and His Business

Having spent some time in the timber business previously, Simon Lichtenberg became engaged in the furniture market. He wouldn't be one of the most capable businessmen in the world today if he hadn't learned from making mistakes in the operation of his business. After being a part of the timber business for some time, entrepreneur Mr Lichtenberg launched his own company in 1993. Simon Lichtenberg began to work with clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, enabling him to profit by up to $2.5 million each year.

Some of the Accomplishments of Simon Lichtenberg

In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg found himself running his own company, which ultimately evolved into a furniture business. He studied for his Chinese Language diploma at Fudan University in 1988. He was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award in 2006 by the Shanghai Municipal Government for his significant contributions to the growth of the city. Simon Lichtenberg entered the timber trade following the end of his education in 1992.