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Charles Rosier and His Passion for Culture

In the year 2006, Charles Rosier (page : Slideshare) supported a film produced by a well-known Italian screenwriter and director, which went on to win a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival. He admires the music industry, especially when it comes to singing. He adores French culture, which obviously shows in how much he likes movies. Charles Rosier played a great part in a Silver Lion-winning film in 2006 and he helped a French singer in producing her debut album in 2012. The support he gave to the female French performer is indicative of how greatly he admires culture and music.

In order to be prepared for ESCP Europe, Charles Rosier attended two years of additional classes at Integrale. He developed a partnership with BGT Pactual Bank until 2010. In 1991, Charles Rosier received his scientific degree after completing his studies at Fenelon Sainte-Marie.

Charles Rosier and His Healthcare Advocacies

Charles Rosier invested capital in the company, which allowed them to conduct research and give him specific profit-share. Charles Rosier financed the drug project to help find a cure for strokes that can lead to spinal cord injury. Because of the capital he provided, the research on depression, strokes and other serious diseases was performed at Mapreg, a Paris-based laboratory.

For poor countries to get cost-effective energy solutions, MPOWERD specifically makes LED lanterns. Innoveox spreads the word about the effective use of resources and has established many pollution-free-environment programmes in order to reduce carbon footprints and carbon emissions. Charles Rosier invested in MPOWERD, helping the company financially to create lanterns and other energy solutions. With this, MPOWERD delivered these solutions to more than 25 poor nations around the planet. Charles Rosier supported Luci MPOWERD, a clean and renewable-energy solution-provider. Charles Rosier assisted the company to develop more impressive solutions.

GMS or Goldman Sachs is one of the best-known investment banks in the world. Working as their Managing Director, he focused on keeping public assets correctly handled. He worked as a partner at BTG Pactual Bank, which has 30 years of experience in international markets, employing more than 2,500 people spread across Latin America. Charles Rosier was a partner at a Latin American investment bank called BTG Pactual. Charles Rosier worked as the Debt Capital Manager at SBC Warburg from 1997 to 2009. He also worked at Lehman Brothers where he began his career as an investment banker.